Clover Leaves

BEGINNING January 2022!

Fuquay Class: Tuesdays 11-11:45am  

Cost- $60/month

Our class will run January 2022 through May 2022.

Our preschool curriculum is designed to give your child a place to be a KID! It is a 45 min class filled with jumping, bouncing, hopping, and laughter. We believe the joy and creativity of dance is infectious and carries into every aspect of growing up.  

In this class we focus on basic movement and balance while drawing on the rhythms and language of Tradional Irish Dance. We create an environment where children's natural curiosity is guided and encouraged as we grow and learn together! 

Come join in the fun!

All preschool parents will be given a zoom link and passcode for each class. We ask that you stay in your cars and tune in should your little one need assistance from you. 

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