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Class Descriptions...

Preschool Class- This is a 30 min class to introduce the fundamentals of movement, music, and Irish dance.

Formation- 45 min class; grounded in technique and form
No prior experience needed.

Beginner 1- 60 min class; First soft shoe dances and basic ceili dances.
Pre-requisite: Formation 

Beginner 2- 60 min class; Advanced soft shoe dances and ceili dances.

Advanced 1- 75 min class; First hard shoe dance and continued soft shoe.

Advanced 2- 75 min class; Advanced hard shoe dances and continued soft shoe.

Competitive 1- 60 min class; Beginner-Advanced Beginner; 2x/week required
Competitive 2- 120 min class; Novice- Open Prizewinner; 2x/week required, 3x/week suggested
Competitive 3- Preliminary- Open Champion; 3x/week required-
Majors season 4x/week required
Competitive 4
- Preliminary- Open Champion; 3x/week required- Majors season 4x/week required

Ceili/Choreography- 45 min class; Dancers will learn traditional group (ceili) dances to be used in performance and competition. They will also learn contemporary choreographies to be used in performances and competition. This class is included in all Competitive Track tuition.

2022-2023 Tuition 

~ Tuition is due in three installments spread through the season. Discounts available for tuition paid in full at beginning of term. ~

Non- Competitive

Preschool and Formation class = $750/season

Beginner 1 and Beginner 2 = $870/season 

Advanced 1 and Advanced 2 = $930/season


1- $1656/season

2- $1860/season

3- $2064/season 

4- $2256/season

Ceili and Choreography Class

Tuition included for all Competitive Track Dancers

+$250/season for all Non-Competitive Dancers


We want students to feel our dance family is the right fit for them. For this reason, if after the first month you don't love it we will refund your tuition.


There is a family discount for those with multiple dancers enrolled. The following is the tuition discount for members of the same family:

1st member- full tuition

2nd member- 25% discount

3rd member- 50% discount

4th member- 75% discount

5th+ member- FREE 

(Family discount does not apply to adult classes)

All tuition is due in three installments- 


15% discount applied for full year payments.

There are no refunds for missed classes.

Should a dancer decide to drop out after the first month, they will not receive a refund for the current tuition installment. If they have paid tuition in full, they will receive a refund of the following installment(s).

There is a non-refundable registration fee of $50 for the first and second student in a family. All other children registering from that family will have their fee waived (this does not apply to adult registrations). Registration fees are only applicable to new students and will be due upon registration.

Competition classes are subject to the following annual fees:

Competition 2- $50 coaching +costume consult fee

Competition 3- $150 coaching +costume consult +majors fee

Fees may be spread over the tuition calendar upon request.

There is a fee maximum per family of $600/yr.

Each year a set number of dance scholarships will be available. All those enrolled in Competition 2 and 3 classes will be eligible to apply.

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