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"Ms. Jolie is the perfect combination of fun and challenging as an Irish dance instructor.  I loved learning from her. "

-Sophia Bowers, dancer

"I have had the pleasure of both dancing alongside and teaching alongside Jolie for the past decade. Her love for Irish dance and culture is easily transmitted to her students. She instructs with a great balance of fun and structure and she helps dancers reach their goals through rigorous training and a compassionate, warmhearted demeanor. Jolie is an excellent teacher who would do anything for you, and attending her school is sure to be a positive experience."


Shannon Hammel, TCRG

"My twin daughters have been Irish dancing since they were 6. They started with Miss Jolie in year 2 and grew to LOVE her. Her enthusiasm and passion for this genre is very apparent in and out of the studio. She expects the dancers to focus and learn all the while having fun and building memories. She teaches them not just the art of the dance, but also how to self-motivate, believe in yourself and to respect yourself and others. We missed her dearly when she left Pittsburgh."

- Jolie Carnahan, dance parent


"Jolie Kilpatrick is the most dedicated person I have ever met. It is her life's goal to help others to succeed. She believed in me when I couldn't. I credit her to helping me build up my confidence in dance."

- Reilly Smith, dancer

"Jolie challenges all her dancers to constantly improve.

She is supportive and caring and strong - great qualities in class or at a feis or at the Oireachtas! "

- Meagan Loewy, dance parent


"What makes a good teacher?  Patience, commitment, the ability to motivate, enthusiasm, perseverance….

What makes a GREAT teacher?  All that plus LOVE!  

Miss Jolie taught both of my dancers  and brought out their very best, allowing them to reach their goals at both the National and World Championships .  She is a fantastic role model and everything you would ever want in a teacher and coach!"

 - Kathleen Scala, dance parent


"Jolie has been an influential part of my daughter’s life in so many ways.  As a dance teacher, she has nurtured her and helped her grow.  She knows when to challenge her, when to motivate her and when to just be there to support her.   She has coached her through many phases of dance and helped her persevere and reach her goals.  She has also coached her in life and helped her be a better, stronger person.   We are so fortunate to work with her and appreciate her influence both in and out of the studio."  

- April Arnold, dance parent

"Jolie works you hard and pushes you out of your comfort zone.  She is always there for you.  She is always watching you and ready to help.  She is super motivational.  She has taught me to never give up."  

- Annalise Arnold, dancer

"Ms. Jolie has been an amazing teacher for my son!  She gets the best out of him!   We really miss having her in Pittsburgh - you will love her!"

- Jessica DePasquale, dance parent  

"Jolie Kilpatrick is one of the true gems in the world of Irish dancing and has been inspiring from Day 1. My son’s story and hers are very similar. Against all odds they have succeeded in their sport. Both started late in the game and were given slim outlooks on reaching their goals. Upon meeting Jolie and hearing how she moved up in the ranks gave us hope that we could get there too.  Jolie’s persistence allowed her to succeed in a female dominated sport.  She has always been encouraging and led by example with our son. She gave him exactly what he needed to move forward – not just the technique and steps but the mental grit to keep pushing through in the face of defeat.  My son reached his goal of making it to Worlds not only once but 3 times and Jolie has been a key ingredient for his success. I would recommend Mrs. Kilpatrick to anyone wanting to explore Irish dancing as she shares her passion and joy at every level with her students."

- Angela Malanosky, dance parent

"Mrs. Jolie became an everyday name in our home of 4 Irish dancers. She has a beautiful way of educating children (even very young) the art of Irish dance. We have known her for many years and she's helped from and Irish dance instructional birthday party to prep for Nationals. My children adore Mrs. Jolie. Additionally, she is very disciplined in her instruction. I remember her having my son Carter begin several times until it "clicked" and it sure was helpful! PA misses her!

- Stacia Linden, dance parent

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