Please read the following protocols carefully.

Due to the ongoing pandemic and out of an abundance of caution these will be the following protocols in place until further notice.

Upon arrival each dancer will be required to do the following:

1. Turn in a health affidavit for EACH class. A dancer will not be admitted without their paper.

2. Wear a mask during the entirety of class. Outside breaks will be given to those needing a mask break.

3. Wash hands/sanitize upon entrance and exit of the building.

4. Dancers may only bring their school issued dance bag with them. This should contain their water bottle, hand sanitizer, and dance socks to be changed into after entering their dance space.

5. Dance apparel should be worn into the building as changing will not be allowed. Dancers are encouraged to use the bathroom before class.

6. Dancers will be spaced according to social distance recommendations.

7. Each dancer will stay in their designated dance area unless instructed otherwise.

8. Parents must be masked at pick up and drop off their dancer. 

9. Parents will drop off/pick up their dancer at the building door to be escorted to and from their class by a teacher. In the event a parent needs to walk into the building they MUST wear a mask at all times. 

10. All participants agree to respect and abide by all policies and protocols of both KIDS and the Jazzercise Studio.

All participants agree to abide by these protocols until they are no longer required.